Representative Services

Mercator Advisory Group can help your firm better understand current and future opportunities in the marketplace. We can provide you with insight into market opportunities as well as possible threats. We know the hot topics, the trends, the players, and the customers in the payments industry.

Mercator Advisory Group routinely completes engagements for clients including issuers, merchants, processors, FSIs, industry associations, and solution vendors. We have also significantly increased our international consulting reach. Each client brings a unique set of business challenges so our project plan includes a customized analyst team, methodology, and deliverables for each engagement.


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Market Opportunity Assessments

Go-To Market

Payments Training

Market Sizing Projections

Market Segmentation and associated revenues

User Demand Forecasts

Expected Uptake by Customer Segments

Product Launch Analysis:

Business case development, SWOT analysis, win/loss reviews

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking:

Feature/functionality reviews, pricing schemes, customer interviews

Market Entry Strategies & Validation

Event Participation

Client conferences, sales events, webcasts

Custom Content:

Articles, graphics, white label publications

Primary Research Design & Fielding:

Surveys, focus groups

Sales Loss Analyses

Marketing Collateral

White Papers, Case Studies, Executive Briefs, Podcasts

Industry Executive Training Sessions:

Modular-by-topic, led by directors of the firm, in 1/2 day, full day, and 1 1/2 day sessions, on your premises

New Employee Training:

Quickly bring new staff current on industry structure, participants, economics, and trends

Sales Team Education:

Ensuring sales team understands context, environment, and audience needs

Board of Director/Equity Analyst Education:

Executive-level focus on key companies, products, growth and trends