Visa, DeviceFidelity and Having NFC Our Way


Visa is getting some traction with its DeviceFidelity-based NFC pilots, at least in terms of the banks willing to pilot the project with them. Wells Fargo has joined US Bank and Bank of America in the US, and Turkey’s Akbank, in the trial program. This is an impressive lineup. But a pilot program is just a test and we have seen innumerable NFC pilots before.

It’s easy to understand why, this time, these issuers are interested. Personalization and fulfillment is straightforward, working very much along the lines of existing card fulfillment processes. There are plenty of challenges ahead, not the least of which is the ultimate cost to the consumer for the microSD cards designed by DeviceFidelity. All are able to handle multiple card accounts , applications and over-the-air updating. This platform, then, gives these large banks a device that fits today’s model while providing a level of future proofing for themselves and consumers. While the convenience of a built-in NFC chipset vs. the add-on microSD approach is debatable, the microSD tactic lets banks work around a potential lock-out by mobile operators. May the battle begin.

Author: George Peabody
Published on: October 7, 2010


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