The Future of Work: How Digital Corporate Payment Solutions Give You a Competitive Edge in a Global Economy

June 2, 2022 1:00 pm ET


When it comes to hiring, more and more companies are tearing up the rulebook and embracing gig workers as core to their staffing strategy, thanks to a dynamic global marketplace, changing workforce demographics, and the shift to hybrid work environments. This presents both opportunity and challenge for employers. Leveraging freelancers and contractors lets companies respond faster to fluctuating staffing demands, enter new geographic markets or secure specialized expertise, as needed. But it also tests the limits of traditional payroll systems and processes.

Onbe recently surveyed freelancers on their priorities and preferences when working with employers. Not surprisingly, payment process topped the list with 70% looking for more frequent payments, like their employee counterparts. Too many businesses, however, are set up to pay gig workers as vendors, with 30-day or similar terms. And payments are often by paper check, slowing down the process even further. These factors can be a roadblock for companies trying to secure the best talent.

In a new webinar, PaymentsJournal and Onbe team up to discuss how innovations in corporate payment solutions are giving companies a competitive edge and helping them keep pace with the demands of today’s workforce. Join us to:

  • Break down the survey findings for deeper insight into freelancer preferences and what motivates them to engage with an employer
  • Look at how modern companies are adopting managed services to administer gig payments, bonuses and other off-cycle disbursements
  • Learn how employers can reduce the back-office cost and complexity that comes with paying gig workers, while creating an optimal freelancer experience
  • Discuss the growth and expansion opportunities that a faster, more flexible payment operation enables

Kevin Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Onbe
Sarah Grotta, Director of Debit and Alternative Products Advisory Service


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