The Empowered Economy: The Rising Position of Digital Paycard Solutions

December 10, 2019 1:00 pm ET


Payroll cards also known as “Paycards” have assisted consumers from all walks of life. Paycards provide the ability to receive wages on a card rather than paper check or cash, bypassing the need for traditional bank accounts and check-cashing services. These cards offer consumers the flexibility to pay for everyday in-store or online purchases and perform other financial management activities such as pay bills and transfer money. Paycards of today are far beyond just a solution for the “unbanked”. Today the Paycard, with mobile app technology and financial tools, is a digital financial hub, allowing a consumer to manage the vast majority of their financial life from their smartphone—all without a bank account. Paycards also allow employers to offer a competitive benefit to employees and achieve 100% electronic pay.

Employers want to know why Paycards are:

Growing in popularity and why it makes sense for companies and their employees

Affecting the evolving workforce

Modernizing payroll operations

Gaining popularity in the eyes of every worker segment (from entry level to executives) whether they have or don’t have an existing banking relationship

Join Sue Brown, Director of Prepaid, from Mercator Advisory Group as she discusses the changing payroll marketplace, evolving payroll card demographics and the benefits Paycards provide to organizations and employees.

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