Tech Forward Shoppers: A Retailer’s Dream


New survey explores U.S. consumers’ comfort with technology and its impact on their shopping. Third report from Mercator Advisory Group’s 2019 Buyer PaymentsInsight Survey focuses on U.S. consumers’ attitudes and shopping behaviors.

Author: Peter Reville
Published on: November 13, 2019

Mercator Advisory Group’s latest Primary Data report, Tech Forward Shoppers: A Retailer’s Dream is the based on the company’s 2019 Buyer PaymentsInsight Survey (formerly Customer Merchant Experience Survey). The online survey of 3,000 U.S. adult consumers, which was conducted in March 2019, explores consumers’ merchant experiences as they shop in-store, online, and via mixed channels. The survey was designed with the goal of defining and highlighting consumer expectations for optimal experiences with merchants.

This third report of three on the survey’s findings looks more specifically at the emerging behavior patterns of customers as they shop in-store, online, via mobile. The report’s analysis of the findings offers insights into how consumers shop, how their attitudes toward technology impact their shopping behavior, and how loyalty program membership drives the way they shop.

Peter Reville, Director, Primary Research Services, Mercator Advisory Group, the author of this report comments, “It’s not new news that technology has been changing the way consumers shop, but in this report we take a look into how consumers research, shop, and buy through the lens of those who are more technologically savvy and we compare them to those who are not. We believe that these cutting-edge consumers are a harbinger of the way most consumers will shop in the future.”


Among the findings highlighted in this survey report:  

  • Tech forward consumers are active shoppers. Compared to other shoppers they shop at a broader repertoire of merchant verticals.
  • Tech forward shoppers are also more likely than others to participate in merchant loyalty programs.
  • They are more likely to employ their smartphones in the entire shopping experience, not just to pay.
  • Roughly one-half of those who participate in a retailer’s loyalty program report that they visit that retailer more frequently as a result of being a member
  • Similar proportions report spending more at retailers where they have loyalty program memberships.



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