Systems Monitoring: A Key Component of Omnichannel Banking


Systems and solutions performance is important for building customer satisfaction and loyalty in banking

New research from Mercator Advisory Group examines the importance of systems monitoring in today’s ever-expanding banking environment.

Author: Ed O'Brien
Published on: April 26, 2016

The continued expansion of banking channels capabilities requires systems with such features as self-diagnostics, self-updating, and proactive preventive and corrective maintenance notifications to deliver consistent uptime, equipment availability, and high levels of customer service for an outstanding customer experience. In this research note, Systems Monitoring: A Key Component of Omnichannel Banking, Mercator Advisory Group examines the need for robust solutions to monitor system health in today’s expanded banking channels and predict when preventive and corrective action is required.

“The health and availability of ATM and branch network monitoring services have always been important to financial institutions, but they are critical in today’s sophisticated channels systems. And with new and improved channels capabilities being implemented in banks and credit unions of all sizes, the expectations are even higher now,” comments Ed O’Brien, director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Banking Channels Advisory Service and author of the research note.

This research note is 13 pages long and has 7 exhibits.

Companies mentioned in this document include: Diebold, Elan, Fiserv, INETCO, and NCR.

Highlights of this research note include:

  • Mercator Advisory Group consumer survey research results showing the need for reliable system performance 
  • The critical need for data monitoring and management of data distributed across channels to assure the success of omnichannel banking systems 
  • Description of the tools necessary, such as remote monitoring, key performance indicators, and dashboards to monitor the condition of machines, devices, and networks 
  • Solution examples, profiled and illustrated 
  • The goals of deployment of robust, real-time monitoring systems



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