Quarterly Analyst Roundtable: Focus on Mobile

July 31, 2018 1:00 pm ET


Join Mercator Advisory Group’s research directors for a roundtable discussion of the major trends in mobile banking and payments today. Among the subjects covered are:

• How is the rise of mobile devices as a primary channel for customers influencing the way banks and credit unions think about their other channels?
• What are the different types of mobile payments, and which technologies are finding success or falling behind?
• Where are we headed with Near Field Communications (NFC), mobile device biometrics, Quick Response (QR) codes, website “buy buttons,” and strong authentication?
• Why have Asian mobile wallets promoted by bigtech companies like Alibaba and WeChat come to dominate their local markets, and what lessons does this have for financial institutions in other parts of the world?
• How are businesses using mobile technology to streamline their accounts payable and treasure processes?
• What is the future of tokenization, and will the global card networks continue to dominate it? How should domestic and regional networks respond?
• Why have merchant-sponsored wallets done better than universal mobile wallets, and how might the universal wallets better compete?

Participating in the webinar are the following experts behind Mercator’s deep analysis of the mobile payments landscape:

• Karen Augustine, Primary Data
• Sue Brown, Prepaid
• Sarah Grotta, Debit
• Aaron McPherson, VP Research Operations
• Steve Murphy, Commercial and Enterprise Payments
• Ken Paterson, Customer Interaction
• Brian Riley, Credit
• Ray Pucci, Merchant Services
• Tim Sloane, Emerging Technologies

The Quarterly Analyst Roundtables are free and open to the public.


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