Protecting Accounts from Takeover Using Device, Email and Phone Signals

March 15, 2022 1:00 pm ET


As consumers of all ages embrace digital commerce, the opportunity for fraud at account opening and account takeovers (ATO) is bigger than ever. The ongoing challenge is deflecting fraud, minimizing false positives, while providing a frictionless consumer experience.

Device, email and phone information inform risk decisions to identify potential fraud and passively authenticate consumers. Frictionless identity verification provides an optimal consumer experience while weeding out fraud at account opening, login, or profile changes.

Join Socure industry fraud experts to learn:

  • How online fraud continues to evolve and grow
  • Why a holistic approach to consumer identity, combining machine learning and feedback data, enables more accurate identity verification
  • Use case examples of best practices in combating identity fraud

Speaker #1: Mike Cook, VP, Fraud Commercialization, Socure
Bio: Mike Cook is a fintech entrepreneur and advisor with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, is responsible for leading Socure’s strategic plans to eliminate financial loss from all fraud types and efficiently validate 100% of consumer identities, capture market share, and increase growth. In his career of 30+ years in the financial services industry, Cook has developed long-term, trusted relationships across customers, federal regulators, and privacy advocacy groups. Considered an industry expert in data breach, fraud patterns, and identity theft, Cook has also provided Congressional testimony on the potential impact of data breaches.’

Speaker #2: Tim Sloane, VP, Payments Innovation, Mercator Advisory Group
Bio: Tim is the VP of Payments Innovation and the Director of the Emerging Technologies Advisory Service. Mercator’s Emerging Technologies Advisory Service (ET) focuses on the business impacts of these new technologies and their potential for issuers, merchants, card networks, acquirers, and the vendors competing on this tech driven landscape.


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