What Should Issuers Outsource and What Can Processors Provide Most Effectively?

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005 — 11:00am EST (1 hour)
Brian O’Keeffe, Director, Credit Advisory Service

Third party processors have dramatically increased their efforts to develop and sell services outside of the core-processing relationship. The goal of the processors is to expand their reach into the operations (and checkbooks) of the issuers across the stages of the account lifecycle, and value-added services are the tool that they are employing. At the same time, issuers are looking to increase their profits during a time of slowing portfolio growth, and are looking for solutions that can help them do this.

In this Teleforum,
Brian O’Keeffe will address the subject of Processor Value Added Services, including these specific issues:

? Which services are issuers currently buying from processors, and how much are they spending on them?

? Which services for which segments of the account lifecycle will see the biggest growth in issuer demand?

? Which services are processors in the best position to provide to issuers versus other possible providers?

? What does the consolidation of the issuing industry mean to the demand for outsourced services?