Premium credit card products have existed since the 1980s and are targeted toward the mass affluent population. This customer segment differs from the general-purpose credit card market, with above-average credit scores and household incomes of more than $100,000. The rewards on premium cards are typically focused on travel, often rich with options, and boast large sign-up bonuses, but are they sustainable?

In this report, we examine current premium card offerings, rewards, and trends and offer our strategic insights into premium credit card rewards. Readers will learn about the premium card market through a comparative analysis of current card offerings and market research data about the consumers that use these card products. We identify current problems in credit card reward offerings and advise on creating a sustainable card rewards platform. Readers will learn strategies for maximizing card rewards programs. We also examine how the current legislation may affect the credit card rewards market.

This report examines the premium card market, which we define as a credit card with an annual fee of $400 or more targeted toward the mass affluent population. We examine the consumers that use premium card products through primary market research data and provide insight into this segment’s needs.

This report is 18 pages long and has 7 exhibits.

Companies mentioned in this report include: American Airlines, American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Citi, City National, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Discover, Equinox, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, FICO, JP Morgan Chase, Marine Midland Bank, Mastercard, SoulCycle, U.S. Bank, Visa, Walmart.

Highlights of this research report include:

  • Defining the Premium Card
  • The Market for Premium Cards
  • Premium Cards in the Market
  • The Return to Travel was Costly for Rewards
  • Maximizing a Premium Rewards Strategy
  • The End of Credit Card Rewards?