On-Demand Pay Data: The $0 cost benefit that helps alleviate the need for predatory payday loans and reduces financial stress

May 28, 2020 1:00 pm ET


A new co-branded survey from the Mercator Advisory Group and DailyPay, the leading fintech platform and premier provider of the daily pay benefit, reveals that by innovating the antiquated pay cycle model, workers can save money and become less stressed and more productive at work. All at no cost to the employer.

The study indicates that the timing of cash flow is extremely important to workers, and the option of flexible withdrawal of earned income before payday can prevent unnecessary financial strain.

With COVID-19 recovery on the horizon, the need for on-demand access to earned income couldn’t be more relevant.

You’ll walk away understanding:
● How COVID-19 accelerated the need for a daily pay benefit
● The new power of pay and why companies need to pay different
● When and how different income levels would use a daily pay benefit


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