Next Generation Debit: The Final Frontier


The traditional debit card
account is being quietly supplanted by developers using proxy currencies
and token accounts to create new forms of pay now products.In a new report, Next Generation Debit: The Final Frontier, Mercator Advisory Group examines the future of debit cards in a rapidly evolving online payments environment.

Author: Patricia Hewitt
Published on: August 7, 2012


In this emerging debit market analysis, Mercator Advisory Group suggests the possibility that the next generation of debit will be strongly impacted by the development of cash proxies and account tokens as means of:

Hardening security to protect consumer spending accounts

Controlling cost of acceptance

Replacing traditional cash within a digital economy

“The final frontier of debit product development lies in the reimagining of what a cash currency is and how best to protect sources of cash funding in a manner that is cost-effective and efficient for all stakeholders,” comments Patricia Hewitt, director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Debit Advisory Service and author of the report.




A review of virtual currency schemes with the context of new forms of monetary exchange marketplaces

An examination of the leading marketing dynamics affecting the development of new forms of online token accounts

A discussion of the business model changes inherent in these emerging payment and currency forms

The ways formerly niche products designed for online gamers are evolving into broader payment forms.



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