Navigating the SAASification of Banking and Payments

June 23, 2021 1:00 pm ET


The shift to using As-a-Service platforms for both Banking (BaaS) and Payments (PaaS) is becoming a major focus for the financial services industries. Service providers are Opportunities are emerging to partner with cloud service providers to offer services via API connections banks, FinTech companies, and enterprises. As new BaaS and PaaS solutions arise, enterprise customers who have relied on traditional banking models in the past will enjoy new levels of speed, agility, and efficiency across their organizations.

Our panel will explore the ongoing transformation of the financial services industry and dive deeper into the benefits and challenges of the “Saasification” of banking and payments for both platform operators and the customer-facing organizations.

Discussion Topics
• Breaking down the transition to BaaS and PaaS and how connectivity to clouds matter.
• How moving to SaaS for the banking and payments stack is allowing CIOs to provide more convenient and cost-efficient services.
• The impact of BaaS on traditional financial institutions and PaaS on payment service providers.
• The use of API based digital infrastructure as a service to compliment the transition to SaaS.
• How platform-based business concepts will help CIOs to obtain a viable competitive edge and ensure better innovation, profitability, and expansion to new markets.

Lance Homer, Global Head of Digital Payments and Banking Ecosystem at Equinix
Amy Dunkelmann, VP, Director of Research Operations at Mercator Advisory Group


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