Modernizing your Fraud Prevention with Machine Learning, Automation and a Global Data Network

June 2, 2020 1:00 pm ET


Last year fraud attacks increased by almost 20% and they are expected to intensify as retailers address the impact of the global pandemic . Legacy fraud systems cannot keep up with the dramatic change in consumer behavior and increased sophistication of fraudsters.

Join Forter and Mercator Advisory Group on Tuesday, June 2nd at 12 pm ET to discuss why the escalating commerce climate requires a new approach to fraud prevention that provides:

● Fully automated, real time protection across the buyer’s journey (sign up, login, coupon redemption, check, returns etc)
● Accurately identify legitimate customers and fraudsters with a Global Data Network
● Uses Machine Learning to to grow and scale your business.

Speakers Include:
● Tim Sloane, Vice President of Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group
● Angela Whiteford, Chief Marketing Officer at Forter


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