Mobile Incentives: The Next Step in Device Based Transactions

New research from Mercator Advisory Group examines the landscape of mobile retail incentives, their future potential, and the multiple
approaches currently available

Boston, MA — Americans’ growing interest in retail incentives programs along with the rapid development of smartphone technology has resulted in the launch of mobile device-based incentive programs from a number of different organizations. Among these programs are coupon providers, loyalty/rewards services, and various adaptations and combinations of the two. The programs differ based on development, targeted consumers, and delivery strategies, and as they become more advanced, they appear increasingly likely to serve as the next step toward mobile transactions.

Mercator Advisory Group’s new report, Mobile Incentives: The Next Step in Device-Based Transactions, analyzes the potential of the current market in terms of incentives, mobile device development, and adoption as well as consumer demand for the ability to manage their incentives programs on their mobile devices. The report then surveys the current landscape of mobile incentives, providing an in-depth analysis of the most significant products currently on the market. Additionally, the report includes insights into anticipated future developments of mobile incentives.

Highlights of the Report include:

Discussion of recent developments in retail incentives, mobile device technology, and consumer demand for the integration of the two

Analysis and categorization of 16 of the most significant mobile incentive applications currently on the market

Data by application on price, platform availability, market availability, parent company background, and more

Insights into the future developments of mobile incentive apps, including their implications for the advancement of mobile payments

Among consumers who had not previously engaged in any mobile incentives programs, between one-third and one-half claimed that they would be interested in each of the various programs discussed,” says Dave Kaminsky, analyst in Mercator’s Emerging Technologies Service and author of the report. “As merchants begin to realize mobile incentives’ potential for driving sales, the decision to mobilize their couponing and loyalty programs will become increasingly easy to make.”

One of the seven exhibits in this report:

This report is 23 pages long with seven exhibits.

Companies mentioned in the report include: Square, Google, Isis, Apple, Yowza!!, Coupon Sherpa, TabbedOut, Groupon, LivingSocial, PayPal, Target, Starbucks, Key Ring, LevelUp, Punchd, Paycloud, FourSquare, and shopkick.

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