Matching Solutions with Client Needs in the Cash Cycle: Mind the Gap

October 15, 2020 1:00 pm ET

The trend is a clear and irreversible; digital systems and their accompanying processes are making financial operations more efficient, effective and strategically useful. From an historical perspective, software and services for managing financial operations have been point solutions, including those for procurement, e-invoices, payables, receivables, reconciliation and trade finance. Today, however, the outdated approach is changing quickly. And while many larger corporations have successfully digitalized some or most of their financial operations, there remains a gap in the middle market, where resources are scarce to meet the challenges ahead.

Banks are primary providers of cash cycle solutions and services. Therefore, they should have an interest in segmenting the middle market to figure out what these companies need and how best to capitalize on new technology in order to secure the business. Companies, however, are often looking beyond traditional bank offerings for modern solutions. During the past several years, a fintech convergence of these separate financial operation needs and capabilities has been taking solid shape, and it is being accelerated by acquisition, new partnerships and sophisticated APIs.

Join Steve Murphy, Director of the Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Service, as he discusses the details of a timely program that will help mid-tier financial institutions match up corporate client needs with the appropriate solutions in order to keep the institutions’ position as primary advisors and service providers.


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