Market Reality: Prepaid Will Expand to Rival Debit and Credit Volume
FEBRUARY 22, 2007 — 1:00pm EST (1 hour)
Tim Sloane, Director, Debit Advisory Service

Because open prepaid programs are not like credit and debit programs, it will take some time for prepaid to approach today’s market size for credit and debit. That said, prepaid will eventually get there.

Before this growth can be achieved, prepaid programs must address the far higher variability of prepaid programs. This market fragmentation, at 23 different Open Prepaid Market Segments, prevents rapid expansion as each segment requires a substantially different implementation.

In this webinar, Mercator Advisory Group reviews growth forecasts for key open market segments, identifies segments where requirements are well understood as well as market segments where Program Managers must work with business process owners to better identify and implement best practices.

The webinar also looks at how changes required Program Managers – to address competitive pressures and to enable distribution through new channels – further increases complexity and challenges even the best management process to deliver a successful program.