How To Build A Better Bank With A Distributed Infrastructure

October 13, 2021 1:00 pm ET


To stay ahead and provide secure, near real-time transactions, a bank must deploy a distributed infrastructure at strategic exchange points with dense concentrations of ecosystem participants at the “edge.” This allows banks the ability to connect to multiple clouds in a cloud adjacent hub and interconnect with a large number of ecosystem participants to exchange data privately.

Join Equinix’s Global Head of Digital Payments and Banking Ecosystem, Lance Homer and Mercator Advisory Group’s VP of Payments Innovation, Tim Sloane, and Microsoft’s Executive Director of Worldwide Financial Services, Tyler Pichach to learn how you can Build a Better Bank.

During this presentation you will learn about:

• Moving your banking application stacks to the cloud
• Deploying network banking services at the metro edge
• Seamlessly integrating new banking capabilities and cloud technologies
• Staying competitive and fueling growth in a digital-first world
• Deploying AI and ML solutions for personalization and data-driven analytics
• Taking advantage of modern apps/technologies that require fast data exchange


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