Boston, MA
July 2007

Global EMV Migration Update:  Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America 


There are more than 2.53 billion electronic payment credit and debit cards in use around the world.  Technologies supporting electronic purchases and transfers of funds range from magnetic stripe to microprocessor-based to radio frequency (RF).  As with all facets of commerce, criminals and fraudsters abound, seeking illicit gain wherever weaknesses in payment systems can be found, and because the electronic payments is immensely complex and widespread, opportunities for abuse are easily discovered.   

The most recent report from Mercator’s International Payments Advisory Service discusses the shift from relatively vulnerable magnetic stripe payment cards to more secure microprocessor-based smart cards in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America regions.  The report provides an overview of the state of the payment card market for each region, an analysis of the business case for EMV migration projects, and the progress of these projects. 


This report contains 39 pages and 14 exhibits.

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