Data Privacy and Security: A Review of Global Regulatory Developments


As payment technologies have evolved, so has the global consumer preference for noncash payment options. While electronic payment methods offer unique advantages over cash and other traditional payment means, the amount of personal and financial data being shared and collected has never been higher.

Author: Tristan Hugo-Webb
Published on: December 11, 2012


New Mercator Advisory Group report examines privacy law and data regulation around the world

Mercator Advisory Group’s latest research, Data Privacy and Security: A Review of Global Regulatory Developments, identifies trends and common characteristics among global privacy and data protection laws, examines the three main regulatory models in use, explores current issues and recent developments regarding data protection around the world, and proposes a solution for an efficient global framework to facilitate increased exchange of secure data.



  • Comparison of European, Asian, and U.S. regulatory models 
  • Privacy and data protection developments in Africa and BRIC countries
  • In-depth examination of a premier international data sharing agreement
  • Proposed solution involving public and private sector collaboration to more effectively exchange financial data



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