Compete to Win: Understand Your Brand’s Perception from the Buyers’ Perspective

September 10, 2020 12:00 am ET


Do you really understand your clients’ perception of your brand or product relative to your competition? Do you truly know your potential clients’ perception? In other words, do you actually realize how and why your brand fits in the competitive landscape, and do you understand what you need to do to improve?
Understanding how your brand is perceived relative to its competition is critical intelligence for any company selling in a competitive environment. Without this information, a company may be at a competitive disadvantage and not even know why and how come. Typical competitive intelligence often provides the “whats” (e.g., market share, product features and functionality) but lacks the actual voice of the customer and voice of the prospect to tell you why
the product set is viewed in the marketplace as it actually is and how that perception drives sales realities.

Join Peter Reville, Director of Primary Research Services at Mercator Advisory Group, as he describes this new program. By gathering feedback directly from users of products, and through candid conversations with individuals with direct knowledge of the product, Mercator will plot and explain relative market position in a way that other competitive intelligence simply cannot.


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