Commercial Prepaid: U.S. Closed-Loop Market Review and Forecast, 2020-2025


New research from Mercator Advisory Group shows which segments of the U.S. commercial closed-loop prepaid card market will grow and which will shrink through 2025.

Author: David Nelyubin
Published on: December 17, 2021

U.S. commercial closed-loop prepaid card loads fell in 2020.

Mercator Advisory Group’s most recent report provides total load estimates by commercial prepaid card category and reveals trends in the commercial closed-loop prepaid cards industry through 2025.

Mercator Advisory Group has tracked the prepaid card market since 2003 and published its first prepaid market benchmark in 2004. Mercator reports on multiple segments across two broad categories of prepaid cards: open and closed loop. The focus of this report is on commercial closed-loop cards, providing total and subsegment market estimates.

The pandemic has caused market changes which have negatively affected commercial closed-loop prepaid card loads in 2020. Certain closed-loop segments have been affected more than others and are forecast to rebound at different rates.

“Commercial closed-loop prepaid load values have decreased 10% in 2020. Overall, commercial closed-loop values are forecast to slightly lose market share against commercial open-loop load values into 2025. As the market continues to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we forecast a rebound in certain category load values,” states David Nelyubin, Senior Analyst at Mercator Advisory Group, and the author of the report.

This report is 14 pages long and contains five exhibits.

Highlights of this report include:

  • U.S. share of combined commercial card products, 2020
  • U.S. commercial closed-loop vs. open-loop load market share (2020-2025F)
  • U.S. loads by segment (2020-2025F)
  • Analysis of U.S. commercial closed-loop prepaid card segment share trends


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