Business-to-Business Faster Payments on the Rise


Readers interested in faster payments systems, including real-time, near-real-time, and same-day settlement, will want to review this paper, particularly if their interest is in business-to-business (B2B) uses. The paper covers recent developments and forward expectations for the various forms of faster payments in B2B use cases, and provides latest data around same-day ACH and RTP.

Author: Steve Murphy
Published on: December 14, 2022

This impact note reviews the current status of faster payments systems in the United States, which includes both real-time (or immediate) payments as well as other expedient systems. Readers will learn about the latest growth trends and types of uses by corporations for these systems and networks, as well as technology preferences, as banks and payment service providers assist with building out corporate capabilities. Leaders and laggards alike can gauge their relative position as the business-to-business (B2B) market heats up in demand for more speed and transparency in the faster payments market.


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