Analyst Roundtable: The Pandemic Is Ending. What Does that Mean for the Payments Industry?

June 30, 2021 1:00 pm ET


Nothing has impacted the payments industry more than COVID-19 over the past year. As we have covered in various webinars, podcasts, and research reports, pandemic-related disruptions touched nearly every area of the payments industry. Yet with vaccination rates rising and infections plummeting in America, the end of the pandemic is finally near, and the payments industry is in for another period of transition.

Please join us for our first analyst roundtable of 2021 to learn what the pandemic’s end means for the payments industry. Some of the questions we discuss are:

• How has COVID-19 changed the status quo in various areas of the payments landscape, including credit, debit, and commercial payments?
• Which pandemic-driven changes will be permanent and which will prove temporary?
• What are the major areas of uncertainty as normalcy returns?
• Are there notable dynamics in the payments industry that are not related to, or impacted by, COVID-19?
• What lessons should payments professionals draw from the pandemic?

Amy Dunckelmann, Vice President of Research Operations, will lead the roundtable, joined by:

• Brian Riley, Director, Credit Advisory Service
• Steven Murphy, Director, Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service
• Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit and Alternative Products Advisory Service
• Tim Sloane, Vice President, Payment Innovation
• Raymond Pucci, Director, Merchant Services Advisory Service

The audience will have an opportunity to pose questions to our assembled team of experts, so don’t miss this Mercator event!


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