ATM and Self-Service Banking: Consumer Insights and Trends

June 28, 2018 1:00 pm ET


This webinar will explore consumers’ use of self-service banking channels and specifically ATMs for cash withdrawals, deposits and other activities and the importance of this channel, Financial institutions are improving self-service banking with the expansion of online and mobile banking, integrating it more into ATMs and other channels. Our survey findings confirm that U.S. consumers increasingly prefer the convenience of self-service methods for simple transactions rather than visiting a teller. The availability of no-fee ATMs is increasingly important to the banking relationship as more consumers seek them out.

“Given that bank branches are closing in record numbers, and cash cannot be dispensed through mobile channels alone, surcharge-free networks serve a rising need.”, states Karen Augustine, senior manager of Primary Data Services.

• Introduction
• ATM Landscape
• Mobile ATM/Cash Access
• Preferred Methods of Deposit
• Importance of Surcharge Free Networks
• Impact of Branch Closings
• Key Findings


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