Analyst Roundtable: Faster Payments 2019

October 22, 2019 1:00 pm ET


Please join us for our third quarterly analyst roundtable for 2019, and our second annual deep dive into Faster Payments. Aaron McPherson, VP of Research Operations, will host an open discussion with Sarah Grotta, Director of the Debit and Alternative Payments Research Advisory Service, and Steve Murphy, Director of the Commercial and Enterprise Payments Research Advisory Service on the following topics:

• The announcement of FedNow and how it will affect the existing players in the market.
• New legislation proposing to either end or accelerate FedNow, and its prospects for passage.
• An update on existing faster payments networks, including Same Day ACH, The Clearing House’s RTP, Zelle, and debit network push payments (Visa Direct and Mastercard Send).
• The potential for interoperability between RTP and FedNow.
• The prospect for interoperability between national faster payments systems to enable same day cross-border payments.
• Major use cases, including account to account transfers (C2C), disbursements (B2C) and B2B payments.

Last year’s Faster Payments roundtable was our most popular in history, so don’t miss what Mercator has to say this year!


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