Service Description

The North American PaymentsInsights Series delivers a method to monitor critical changes in customer attitudes and behaviors toward payment products and channel usage that shift with changing economic times, channel usage (mobile device use, Internet use, etc.) and with differing product and service offerings (for example: the use of loyalty programs, prepaid offerings, etc.).

Lead Analyst

Vaskar Das
Vaskar DasDirector of Custom Research & Operations

Contributing Analyst

Ben Danner
Ben DannerAnalyst, Research Services

Contributing Analyst

Pragya Khanal
Pragya KhanalAnalyst, Research Services


2022 North American PaymentsInsights: U.S. Exhibit

In-Depth Report / Ben Danner / December 2022

2022 North American PaymentsInsights: Canada Exhibit

In-Depth Report / Ben Danner / December 2022

2021 North American PaymentsInsights – Buy Now Pay Later

In-Depth Report / Mercator Research Team / April 2021

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