2023 Payments Outlook Webinar

Service Description

The complexity of payment acceptance for merchants continues to grow as fintech companies arm consumers with new ways to pay for goods and services. Navigating these options becomes even more complex within a framework of fraud and loss prevention tools, fees, and regulatory requirements, all overlaid across diverse geographic regions and currencies.

Mercator thought leadership on these topics provides clarity and insight that helps merchants get beyond the marketing buzz to understand what’s best for their specific business environment.

Conversely, payment service providers of all types, both legacy processors and fintech disruptors, leverage Mercator research for clarity on the products and services that merchants want the most.

Membership Deliverables

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  • Unlimited analyst inquiries within subscribed service areas
  • 5 to 15 hours of firm-wide analyst inquiries
  • Access to a minimum of 17 new research documents each year
  • Access to full back library
    of research documents
  • 7 user IDs to access research reports – per service area.
  • Scheduled video and/or teleconferences with analysts
  • Presentation/Consulting Days

Lead Analyst

Daniel Keyes
Daniel KeyesSr. Research Analyst, Merchant Services

Contributing Analyst

Brian Riley
Brian RileyDirector, Credit

Contributing Analyst

Ben Danner
Ben DannerAnalyst, Research Services


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