Mercator’s primary data advisory services will provide increased focus on technology-related topics and a more global view into the payments landscape

Boston, MA – Revised October 22, 2019 – In order to increase focus on critical areas of importance for our clients to help them navigate and win in the ever-changing world of payments, Mercator Advisory Group will be expanding and refreshing our primary research initiatives.

“As an organization, we feel it is important to help our clients with even more data and insight about consumers’ payments habits and preferences today and in the future,” explained Peter Reville, Director of Primary Research Services at Mercator Advisory Group. “That’s why we are investing and extending our primary research deeper into the topical and geographical areas of payments our clients are asking for.”

Areas for increased focus include:

  • Security, fraud, and privacy
  • “Invisible” payments and subscription services
  • New payment methods, disrupters, and innovators
  • Bill pay
  • Deeper exploration into consumer attitudes
  • Salience and sentiments toward customer touchpoints

To frame this expansion, the current primary data programs will be renamed, as follows:

Mercator Advisory Group Announces the Launch of PaymentsInsights, an Expansion of Our Primary Data Research

The new European PaymentsInsights will survey France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. PaymentsInsights clients will be able to benchmark the United States and/or Canada against this initial set of major European countries.

While core aspects of these efforts originally launched in 2009 will continue (with ongoing research focused on credit, debit, and prepaid payments and acceptance, ATM usage, alternative payment methods, etc.), subject matter that is less core to payments will be phased out in favor of additional new content to develop more focused insight into the new and future payments landscape.

“It certainly is an exciting time to be in payments. As the customer experience comes to the forefront, the direct customer feedback and insights from the PaymentsInsights offerings become critical,” commented Robert Misasi, President of Mercator Advisory Group. “This initiative focuses not only on what is shifting but also why change is here or coming. With this investment in and expansion of our primary research capabilities, we will be better able to service existing and new clients with a truly global perspective. We believe the growing coverage is essential as we continue to provide data and actionable insight regarding the ever-changing and nuanced payments market.”

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