November 4, 2016 — Maynard, MA Mercator Advisory Group is pleased to announce the launch of Gray Owl Network, LLC, a market research tool that helps you the user to gather the best available information from the web in an efficient manner. Gray Owl targets and gathers links to information that will be useful from an industry research perspective for strategic planning and decision making and enables users to search this curated information quickly. The tool lets you set up profiles of topics of interest and then offers targeted suggestions based on the project needs you have identified. Automated data storage and retrieval is provided so you can save this information. The platform also provides interactive access to proprietary survey data from Mercator Advisory Group.

Gray Owl Network is a tool that utilizes a combination of automated crawling, machine learning, and human filtration for a human + technology approach to develop a virtual card catalogue of citations and searchable information. In short, Gray Owl Network provides smarter search and interactive data on a robust platform.

Mercator Advisory Group decided to launch this tool because it is a very fitting complement to the high value-add of Mercator’s advisory services, which provide research, analysis, and strategic recommendations in credit, debit, and prepaid payments as well as commercial and enterprise payments, customer interaction, and emerging technologies in financial services. Gray Owl Network is a tool that selects a set of online sources relevant to users’ interests and enables users to efficiently navigate them to answer questions they may have or to become aware of resources they might not otherwise know were available. This makes the search process more efficient, saving Gray Owl users time and enabling them to find or discover resources that will have high impact on their business.

Robert Misasi, the founder of Gray Owl Network, LLC and founder and CEO of Mercator Advisory Group, commented, “Gray Owl Network is an idea that has been on my mind for several years. I have long believed there is value in providing researchers with direct access to industry-specific information. In September 2015, I decided to form a team of industry experts, programmers, and content creators to begin the development of a robust platform that would not only enable researchers to access quality information quickly in their business areas, but also give them tools to help organize, collaborate, and share the information as well. A year later, with hard work from our dedicated team, we are happy to release Gray Owl Network to the financial services research community. As we continue to grow Gray Owl Network, we look for fun and exciting new ways to enhance the research process, and we welcome you to be a part of the Gray Owl Network community.”

Mercator Advisory Group will be using Gray Owl Network as a search tool as part of our analysts’ research process, and we are pleased to offer it for use in the market research community. We believe that a wide variety of organizations—each with its own interests—will find Gray Owl Network of great value. We anticipate use by consultants/research organizations, investors/equity analysts, financial services industry research teams, small businesses owners/leadership, universities, journalists/media organizations, and PR agencies, and many others. We encourage you to subscribe now to this useful and valuable service.