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Mercator Advisory Group’s Global Payments Advisory Service leverages its extensive research library and networks with multi-national and local players around the world to provide broad in-depth research and consulting services to domestic, international, and multi-national clients.

The Global Payments Advisory Service centers on the needs of global markets related to developing payments related services, and focuses on strategic trends, best practices and innovations in credit, debit, prepaid, and emerging payments technology. The Global Payments Advisory Service targets the interests of payment networks, issuers, acquirers, processors, service providers, merchants, and the vendors and consultancies serving them.

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  • Unlimited analyst inquiries within subscribed service areas
  • 5 to 15 hours of firm-wide analyst inquiries
  • Access to a minimum of 17 new research documents each year
  • Access to full back library
    of research documents
  • 7 user IDs to access research reports – per service area.
  • Scheduled video and/or teleconferences with analysts
  • Presentation/Consulting Days

Contributing Analyst

Brian Riley
Brian RileyDirector, Credit

Contributing Analyst

Steve Murphy
Steve MurphyDirector, Commercial and Enterprise Payments

Contributing Analyst

Jordan Hirschfield
Jordan HirschfieldDirector, Prepaid


2020 Outlook: U.S. Payments

Viewpoint / Aaron McPherson / January 2020

QR Code Developments May Disrupt the Disrupters

Viewpoint / Brian Riley / December 2019

U.S., Canada, and U.K. Prepaid Markets: Similarities and Differences

In-Depth Report / C. Sue Brown / September 2019

Receivables Management Is Back on the Radar

In-Depth Report / Steve Murphy / July 2019

The Canadian Open-Loop Prepaid Market: 2018

In-Depth Report / C. Sue Brown / June 2019

B2B Payments: More Options Than Ever Before

Viewpoint / Steve Murphy / May 2019

How Banks Can Safely Do Cryptocurrency

In-Depth Report / Tim Sloane / April 2019

Blockchain B2B Is Starting to Turn the Corner

Viewpoint / Steve Murphy / April 2019

Supplier Enablement: Get More Flexible and Technical

In-Depth Report / Steve Murphy / April 2019

U.S. Merchant Acquirers Confront Disruptive Payment Industry Forces

In-Depth Report / Raymond Pucci / February 2019

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