Mercator Advisory Group develops a new IoT Go-To-Market program using the IoT Payments Model.

Boston, MA – June 10, 2020- Billions of internet of things (IoT) devices are changing the way every vertical market, from Transportation, Manufacturing, and Logistics to Banking, operates. Mercator Advisory Group’s IoT Payments model has determined that IoT-driven purchases in the United States are diverting recurring payments at a rate that currently exceeds $1 billion per year. Mercator Advisory Group has developed a program that puts Mercator analysts’ expertise to work to help businesses create an IoT Payments go-to-market strategy. Mercator will identify the IoT markets and potential partners best aligned with a company’s capabilities and goals and guide its entry into the $100 billion IoT Consumer Payments market.

The program begins with Mercator’s analysis of the company’s existing business assets to identify the IoT market segment most closely aligned with the firm’s existing operations. Then, in collaboration with the firm’s executive team and using the Mercator IoT Payments Knowledge Base, Mercator identifies the operational attributes to be used for ranking potential IoT business partners. Knowledge of the key assets the firm will bring to bear on the target IoT market is combined with a ranked list of partners to deliver a complete and actionable IoT go-to-market plan.

Benefits of This IoT Go-To-Market Program:

  • Builds an IoT go-to-market program designed to meet your firm’s objectives by analyzing your key assets and using the Mercator IoT Payments Knowledge Base.
  • Identifies top business partner targets and competitors.
  • Establishes business unit alignment for the IoT opportunity.
  • Delivers a complete market segment analysis for your target market.

Deliverables of the IoT Go-To-Market Program:

  • IoT Market Training. Trains participants on the perspectives and terminology of the IoT market.
  • Assets and Market Entry. Mercator works with the client to identify and assess the firm’s current assets that align with the IoT market and the key attributes that will guide Mercator’s recommendation of the appropriate market and partners for the client.
  • Qualitative Interviews and Selection of Target Market. Qualitative market interviews are conducted to assure that the market selected aligns with client’s assets and key criteria.
  • Ranked Partner List. Based on research and interviews, potential partners are ranked by the attributes your firm has selected.
  • IoT Market Plan Delivered. The plan identifies market segment, market size, and revenue of segment market leaders and total segment, top IoT payment origination devices, and what IoT origination devices purchase. Unique data, facts, or dimensions about market segment as identified in qualitative interviews are included.
  • Executive Summary. Key findings and recommendations for the entire study are presented.


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