Mercator Advisory Group delivers a proven program that streamlines the process for those seeking to partner with the best financial technology firm for their specific needs.


Financial institutions (FIs), issuers, acquirers, ISOs, ISVs, VARs, networks, software companies, and merchants seeking to partner with the best financial technology firm (fintech) for their needs are often perplexed and/or paralyzed by the number and complexity of the solutions on offer. Mercator Advisory Group’s Fintech RFP (“Request for Proposal”) Counsel program gives those in search of partners in security, transaction management, middleware, and other required elements of the payments value chain a trusted advisor to understand their specific needs and separate the wheat from the chaff. We accompany our clients on every step of their journey until they ultimately partner with a fintech.

Benefits of this Fintech RFP Counsel program include:

  • A synoptic view of the field in question
  • A curated list of RFP recipients
  • The RFP process outsourced to industry experts
  • A trusted advisor to evaluate responses
  • A quantitative matrix to choose the right partners and partner scenarios

Deliverables of the Fintech RFP Counsel program:

Clients can expect Mercator Advisory Group analysts, each with deep experience in the payments industry, including credit, debit and alternative payments, prepaid, and commercial and enterprise payments, to accompany them every step of the way in choosing
the right fintech partner(s).

Mercator analysts will understand our client’s needs, based on competitive issues, price and cost, safety and security – or whatever the challenge may be, and will manage the process from beginning to end. A curated list of candidates will be invited to respond to an RFP and, upon Response receipt, the fintechs will be assessed utilizing the Mercator Matrix, which will yield the right solution partners.

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