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Mercator Advisory Group’s Debit  and Alternative Products Advisory Service focuses on the needs of debit issuers,  processors, and the vendors who serve them. The emphasis of this service is on various forms of “pay now” payment methods that  access a transaction account including, debit cards, private label debit, ACH, bill pay, real time and faster payments.

From the perspective of account holders, financial institutions, and merchants, Mercator Advisory Group examines the impact of current and future technology on business processes at all stages of the pay now account and transaction life cycle.

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  • Unlimited analyst inquiries within subscribed service areas
  • 5 to 15 hours of firm-wide analyst inquiries
  • Access to a minimum of 17 new research documents each year
  • Access to full back library
    of research documents
  • 7 user IDs to access research reports – per service area.
  • Scheduled video and/or teleconferences with analysts
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Service Director

Sarah Grotta
Sarah GrottaDirector, Debit and Alternative Products

Contributing Analyst

Steve Murphy
Steve MurphyDirector, Commercial and Enterprise Payments

Contributing Analyst

Ben Danner
Ben DannerAnalyst, Research Services


U.S. 2022 Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments Market Update

In-Depth Report / Jordan Hirschfield / June 2022

Overdraft Fees at an Inflection Point, Not a Cliff

In-Depth Report / Sarah Grotta / June 2022

The Emerging Age of the Super App

In-Depth Report / Sarah Grotta / June 2022

2022 ATM Market Summary: Coping in a New Cash and Digital Era

In-Depth Report / Sarah Grotta / June 2022

Monetizing Real-Time Payments

Viewpoint / Sarah Grotta / April 2022

Consumer Payment Choice: Understanding Debit Card User Preferences

In-Depth Report / Laura Handly / April 2022

2022 U.S. Faster Payments Forecast: A Year to Build On

In-Depth Report / Sarah Grotta / March 2022

Cardless Issuance: Key to Digital Transformation Strategy

Viewpoint / Sarah Grotta / February 2022

Open Banking American Style

In-Depth Report / Sarah Grotta / December 2021

International Faster Payments: A Growing Real-Time Presence

In-Depth Report / Shreyas Shaktikumar, Steve Murphy / December 2021

2022 Outlook: Debit and Alternative Products

Viewpoint / Sarah Grotta / November 2021

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