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Mercator Advisory Group’s Credit Advisory Service focuses on the needs of credit issuers, acquirers and processors, and the vendors and investors who serve them. The emphasis of this service is the consumer and business “pay later” payment methods involving the extension of credit, examining the impact of technology and the competitive environment on business process at all stages of the account life cycle.

Many topics focus on card-based consumer and small business solutions. Emerging online and alternative credit payments products are also covered.

The Credit Advisory Service focuses on identifying areas of opportunity, monitoring new developments that will impact growth from the perspectives of the various stakeholders, analyzing key metrics, and identifying trends including but not limited to: best practices, innovative strategies, regulatory issues, partnership opportunities, risk management, key market practitioners, and emerging business lines.

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  • Unlimited analyst inquiries within subscribed service areas
  • 5 to 15 hours of firm-wide analyst inquiries
  • Access to a minimum of 17 new research documents each year
  • Access to full back library
    of research documents
  • 7 user IDs to access research reports – per service area.
  • Scheduled video and/or teleconferences with analysts
  • Presentation/Consulting Days

Service Director

Brian Riley
Brian RileyDirector, Credit

Contributing Analyst

Don Apgar
Don ApgarDirector, Merchant Services Advisory Service

Contributing Analyst

Ben Danner
Ben DannerAnalyst, Research Services


Credit Card Disclosures: The Devil Is in the Details

In-Depth Report / Brian Riley / September 2022

Reducing Operational Risk Through Careful Credit Line Decreases

Viewpoint / Brian Riley / September 2022

Digital Channels Are Key for Customer Acquisition

Viewpoint / Ben Danner / August 2022

Inflation: Keep an Eye on the Consumer Budget

Viewpoint / Brian Riley / July 2022

Credit Card Issuers: Drive Down Costs Before Loan Losses Rise

In-Depth Report / Ben Danner, Brian Riley / July 2022

Payment Facilitation: What You Need to Know

Viewpoint / Don Apgar / February 2022

Credit Card as a Service: Vendors You Need to Know

In-Depth Report / Ben Danner / December 2021

2022 Outlook: Credit

Viewpoint / Brian Riley / November 2021

Chargebacks: Increases in Credit Card Disputes Threaten Merchant Profitability

In-Depth Report / Don Apgar, Shreyas Shaktikumar / November 2021

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