Consulting Services

Consulting & Custom Research

Fact-Based Insights and Advice, Delivered Efficiently

A Synergistic Relationship: Creating Resonance

  • Research gathers the facts and insights and enables Mercator Advisory Group to have continuous relationships throughout the industry.

  • Consulting projects can then be delivered very efficiently, providing fact-based insights and advice (drawing from research and relationships). The direct experience from our project work informs our research agenda and keeps our analysis relevant and timely. This in turn gives us a head start on delivering project work efficiently.

Market Strategy Development:

Independent, expert council on decisions including:

  • Entering new geographies

  • Developing new product sets

  • Assessing local competitors

  • Understanding local market product requirements

  • Creating market-entry messages

Go-to-Market Strategies:

Mercator develops customer-facing marketing collateral to educate and demonstrate our clients’ value propositions.

These outreach efforts can include:

Vendor sales force training •

Sales team educational knowledge briefs •

Webcast presentations •

Reviews and commentary on internally developed brochures and presentations •

White Papers:

Mercator works with your team to help develop objective and authoritative publications that often become integral pieces of an integrated marketing campaign. Benefits to Custom Research and Consulting Clients:

Mercator provides highly efficient, timely, fact-based solutions and recommendations.
With Mercator Advisory Group, your consultants are our analysts – the same experts who continuously study the industry are your project partners. The extensive knowledge of our analyst team equates to expertise and strategic advice that are highly focused on your specific business need. This combination of benefits enables clients to:

  • Gain actionable market and customer insights

  • Implement effective product development strategies

  • Accelerate go-to-market plans

Mercator offers fixed-price engagements –enabling our clients to budget with accuracy and confidence.