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Mercator Advisory Group’s service, Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service focuses on the needs of businesses paying and receiving funds, including cash management and treasury functions essential to support liquidity, risk assessment, and operational control.

The emphasis of this service is on the payment methods utilized primarily for fulfilling B2B and B2G obligations, as well as on the challenges to firms of managing multiple revenue channels.

The service also follows the banks, processors, solution vendors, and other intermediaries contributing to the efficiency and competitive advantage for firms. We examine the impact of technology with respect to straight-through processing, in addition to the evolution of alternative user interfaces for managing commercial payments.

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Service Director

Steve Murphy
Steve MurphyDirector, Commercial & Enterprise Payments

Contributing Analyst

Sarah Grotta
Sarah GrottaDirector, Debit and Alternative Products

Contributing Analyst

Ben Danner
Ben DannerAnalyst, Research Services


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