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Steve is Director of Mercator Advisory Group's Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service. He has over 12 years of experience in banking and payments research and is an expert on commercial payments, including cards and integrated payables, advising banks and fintech companies on strategy across product, marketing and IT.

Commercial & Enterprise Payments Quarterly Update

Hello members. This the second edition of the Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service quarterly newsletter for 2022. Here we provide a recap of member research releases from the first quarter, including a look at the trend towards platform banking, the continuing transformation of treasury management systems, insights on card spend management software based on a recent sponsored survey, and finally a dive into B2B payments fraud with the costs surrounding that continuing challenge for banks and corporates alike. We also added a blog on business travel prospects for those tracking developments in what we hope are the [...]

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Some Reason for Optimism in Business Travel

With new information available and recent developments around COVID-19, we are providing some further insight on the subject of business travel since our last post on the subject in back in February of ‘21.  As members of Mercator Advisory Group’s Commercial and Enterprise Payments Advisory Service will know, we have been keeping a close eye on the impact of COVID-19 with regard to commercial payments in general.  Commercial payments activity typically bears a somewhat close relationship to overall economic growth trends as measured by GDP both regionally and also within individual sovereign markets. However, the travel and leisure industry (among [...]

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The Outlook for Business Travel

Overview As readers will know, we have been keeping a close eye on the impact of COVID-19 with regard to commercial payments. Ongoing government policy approaches have altered economic growth projections globally and devastated certain industry verticals, most directly travel and leisure. There was no early effective data about the severity of the virus. If one looks back to March 2020 when the ex-Asia lockdowns started being implemented, few could have predicted that we would continue with similar policies lasting into 2021. Although business travel had slowed somewhat in 2019 due to trade issues between major powers, leading many to [...]

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The CPI Virtual Summit 2020

Cards businesses are more closely aligning with the broader treasury and cash management organizations, taking a more general payables and receivables approach, while blending cards into the mix. This is the longer term trend. Of course the "pandemic effect" of rapid e-payments adoption was a constant across most discussions at the recent Commercial Payments International (CPI) summit, held in cyberspace, where Mercator was able to directly participate in a moderator capacity. Since its inception in 2008, CPI, part of The Economist Group, has been holding their annual Summit event in New York City. The on-site event was transformed into a [...]

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COVID-19 and the Death of—Analog Commercial Payments

This is an update to a posting from July 1, at which time we were in week 14 of the general lockdown policies across most U.S. states as well as Europe, MEA and LAC, although Europe and some U.S. states were beginning to ramp up some normal business activity.  Asia had already started getting back to almost normal, with certain exceptions such as India. One positive side effect of the pandemic is corporates' revelation regarding the negative effects of analog processes, which have impacted business continuity, cash flow and even the health of supply chains. Digital systems have been gradually replacing [...]

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COVID-19 and Commercial Payments – It’s All About the Curve

This is an update to a posting from May 4, week seven of the general lockdown policies across most U.S. states as well as Europe, MEA and LAC. Asia was generally in the same mode, with some differences in Oz, Japan and South Korea, while of course China by that time was already starting to lift domestic travel and business restrictions. So at that time there was some very minimal light at the end of the tunnel, and we figured it’s wise to wait awhile and see how the “reopening” would unfold. So here we are roughly two months later [...]

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COVID-19 and Commercial Payments — a Few Weeks Later

This is an update to a blog posted April 4, an early attempt to understand and project the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on commercial payments. It seems worthwhile to revisit the topic now, four weeks further into the crisis. More specific data is available now on the cost in human life, the pandemic's curve, and the economic impact of lockdown policies at present and likely for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Accuracy in predictions is always a challenge, and even more so at present since responses to COVID-19 vary widely by country and by state. By [...]

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Commercial Payments and COVID-19

There is no way to fully assess the actual impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on commercial payments activity since the pandemic is unfolding in real time with very fluid information about its effects and with inadequate data. The next two months will provide a clearer picture of the social and business costs that will ensue. There will certainly be severe short-term economic challenges followed by longer-term issues to be assessed in due time. One can only identify the challenges and make assumptions about the severity of the consequences. This blog addresses some of the global implications of [...]

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Commercial credit card spend in North American the mid-to-large corporate markets heads toward $1 trillion

The steady increase in U.S. commercial credit card spend continued in 2018, driven by a combination of factors, including growth in noncash payments , a reasonably strong economy, and what we believe to be an accelerating trend away from paper toward digital cash cycle solutions. Mercator Advisory Group covers all versions of the commercial card product array, so to be clear and consistent, this particular report is a continuation of past reports in trends and spending for commercial credit cards in the mid-to-large corporate segments, which includes companies with annual sales turnover of greater than $10 million, as well as [...]

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Banks Need to Prioritize Digital Infrastructure to Retain Corporate Clients and Compete in Coming Years

Financial technology is nothing new since the financial services industry is indeed all about providing services that ensure the safety and liquidity of assets for individuals and for businesses of all sizes. Numerous firms have for decades partnered expertly with financial institutions in supporting the movement, investment, and safeguarding of assets. The new concept "fintech" is underpinned by the rapidly changing and advancing types of technology available, which mirrors the overall disruptive changes underway across global industry and society. These unprecedented capabilities are driving numerous investments in the space as participants make bets on how the industry will look in [...]

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