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Closed-Loop Prepaid Cards: What Sets Them Apart

  What are prepaid cards? In the history of payment methods, nestled between the credit card boom of the mid-20th century and the current wave of payments digitalization, there was a different trend that emerged in the 1990s: the prepaid card. First appearing in the ‘70s, closed-loop prepaid gift cards are issued by a business and represent a liability. Funds from these gift cards are kept by the business and can be spent to sustain its operations. Cardholders can only spend up to the amount of money loaded in advance onto the card, hence the term “prepaid.” More recently, businesses have [...]

By Adam Winograd|2022-03-28T09:45:55-04:00January 27th, 2022|Tags: , |

Bill Pay Industry 101

What is the bill pay industry? Bill payments are ubiquitous. Every adult and every business pays bills of some kind. However, the bill pay industry is often overlooked by the banking industry, even by those in the payments field. Nearly four trillion dollars in bill pay transactions are conducted annually in the U.S. Why doesn't this massive market get due attention or investment? The short answer is that financial institutions do not make money outright on bill payment services. Money changes hands during bill payments without incurring fees or accruing interest. In fact, bill payment management and technology loses money [...]

By Adam Winograd|2022-04-14T10:25:39-04:00November 22nd, 2021|Tags: , , , |

Credit Card ROA: What You Need to Know

What is ROA? ROA (Return on Assets) is a metric that determines profitability by evaluating the ratio of net income to assets. The mathematical equation for ROA is Return on Assets = (Net Income / Total Assets). Net income is expressed as a dollar value, and is determined by the difference between sales and the cost of goods, expenses, taxes and other deductions. ROA is expressed as a percentage and weighs net income against the sum of every asset's total dollar value. These assets can include inventories, physical infrastructure, accounts receivable, investment holdings, as well as any profit that remains [...]

By Adam Winograd|2022-08-17T12:44:17-04:00November 15th, 2021|

IoT Payments 101: Everything You Need to Know

What are IoT payments? IoT stands for "internet of things" and is a phrase that describes everyday physical objects that are connected to the internet or other communications networks. IoT payments are specific transactions that occur using IoT technology. According to Mercator Advisory Group, an IoT payment is defined as follows: "A machine-triggered payment with real-time analytics and data collection. An IoT payment is a real-time, data-driven payment that does not involve the buyer making a purchase decision. Instead, the buyer has previously authorized a plan for payments to be made automatically based on feedback from a sensor or automated [...]

By Adam Winograd|2021-12-09T20:21:16-05:00November 3rd, 2021|


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