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2016 Payments Outlook

In payments, the term “disruption” has become a cliché; every day seems to bring developments that change the operating environment. At least political outcomes are usually resolved on election night. This Research Note summarizes the 2016 Outlook Notes published by Mercator Advisory Group’s research practices, highlighting the sweep of changes we anticipate for the volatile year ahead.



2016 Outlook: Banking Channels

After several years of reviewing various channels options, many financial institutions are moving from an ideal to a reality in rolling out omnichannel banking.


2016 Outlook: Commercial and Enterprise Payments

Data and mobility will provide transformative platforms for commercial payments. Over the past years, commercial payments lagged the consumer payments sector in innovations largely because of the complexity of corporate systems and lengthy adoption periods. This reality appears to be changing and in very interesting ways. Investment has significantly increased in innovation focused on the pain points unique to commercial payments. Recent announcements and collaborations may be the spark needed to make 2016 a year of true change.  


2016 Outlook: U.S. Credit Cards

In 2015, credit card issuers and networks delivered strong growth metrics, navigated the complex migration to EMV, and took steps to position themselves for the next wave of digital commerce disruption.


2016 Outlook: U.S. Debit Cards

Prospects for the U.S. debit issuing industry and other “pay now” payments for the coming year. Several events that took place in 2015 will alter the development of debit cards and other “pay now” payment products for years to come. Migration to EMV specifications got under way for debit, real-time payments made conceptual if not concrete leaps forward, and mobile wallets began to gain some ground. Not since the enactment of the Durbin Amendment has there been such a profound impact on this slice of the payment market.


2016 Outlook: Emerging Technologies

When and how eight emerging technologies will be deployed in 2016 and beyond. In this Payments Outlook for 2016, Mercator Advisory Group offers forecasts associated with implementation of eight key emerging technologies important for payments: biometrics, wearables, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), machine learning, broader utilization of the mobile operating system, payment APIs, tokenization, and private blockchain..


2016 Outlook: Global Payments

Around the world, new entrants (including start-ups and nontraditional players) are entering the payments industry. The new technologies and ideas they bring have the potential to ignite greater innovation across the industry and challenge established participants. While the full impact of this disruption will play out over many years, 2016 will see significant changes to the status quo.


2016 Outlook: Prepaid

New regulations and technology will reshape the rules for the prepaid industry in 2016. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says it will release new rules in the first quarter. This will likely to have wide-reaching effects on payments in the United States. At the same time, prepaid programs of all types will be affected by the adoption of new technology including EMV and mobile technology.