Advisory Services

Mercator Advisory Group offers Advisory Services with their own analyst teams and research agendas spanning a range of payments topics.

Membership Services Description

Memberships form the basis of our client relationships.  They provide the foundation for Mercator’s clients to interact with the firm, our analysts and our data, on an ongoing basis.

At the heart of the relationship is ANALYST ACCESS.   We recognize that reports/analysis only go so far as they are one-to-many documents covering critical industry developments.   However, it is our Analyst Access relationships that provide one-on-one interaction that drives significant value delivery.   It is through these interactions that Mercator is able to apply our information, analysis, and expertise to specific challenges facing your organization.

REPORTS AND VIEWPOINT DOCUMENTS form a stream of information flowing between the organizations.  Ideally, these trigger further conversation around the issues covered while providing significant data and industry insights.

Mercator also includes in its service “DAYS OF CONSULTING TIME” to be used as you see fit.  Typically, these are used for:  consulting/strategy days, client presentations, internal presentations/board presentations, training days, speaking events, webinars, or other custom needs.   This enables us to further engage directly and provide direct value to you (or your clients).

Membership is also about providing a wide view of the industry and using our position, our independence and expertise to flag new areas of opportunity/threats.

Often, clients are able to leverage our team to:

  • vet business cases and partnership ideas
  • work through competitive analysis
  • work with us to model/forecast future growth or develop go-to-market strategies (as well as implement those with a content-marketing approach, possibly through as well).

The membership  service truly is about providing value to our clients any time they can leverage our BRAND, INDEPENDENCE, MARKET POSITION or EXPERTISE to assist them.

Because of the ongoing nature of our relationship, we are able to develop a deeper understanding of the organizations (over our 18+ year history serving the payments industry) and this is meaningful in being able to provide contextual insights and recommendations.