US P2P Mobile Payments Market

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Mobile person-to-person payments is a service opportunity for financial institutions and a range of payment service providers. Suppliers from very different sides of the business - banking service providers and PayPal and the card brands - have been working hard to bring these services to market for an uncertain reward. This webinar looks at the mobile P2P experience to date, considers the size of the mobile P2P pie, and looks at its future given the coming rise of NFC-equipped mobile phones.


This webinar, led by George Peabody, director of Mercator's Emerging Technologies advisory service, dives into the mobile P2P propositions and answers the following questions:


Why mobile P2P? Mobile P2P is targeted at current cash and check transactions. What are the application areas that make sense?


Smartphones with NFC are coming soon. How will NFC impact mobile P2P?


Who's doing what? We look at providers of mobile P2P services, their distribution channels, and application sweet spots.


Other approaches touch the mobile P2P sweet spot. What's the overlap between mobile P2P and mobile merchant acceptance like Square or Intuit's GoPayment?


In today's high change payments environment, there are many ways to move money from one person to another over a mobile device. How do consumers decide which ones to use for which transaction?