The Economics of Debit Acquiring

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When the paper-based payment card market became the electronic payments industry, point-of-sale payment acquirers had not predicted debit's current ascendency. Growth in debit card transaction numbers and dollar volume has recently outpaced credit.
The trend is sure to continue as cash and check payments at the point-of-sale are increasingly replaced by card transactions, as issuers curtail lending and hold credit limits steady on existing accounts, and as credit-conscious consumers continue to reign in borrowing. 
Coupled with debit's growing share of consumer payments has been the rising cost associated with merchants' acceptance of debit instruments at their points-of-sale. Consumers' preference for using their PINs has also been growing faster than signature debit, deepening the impact on acquirers and merchants.
Join David Fish, Senior Analyst with Mercator Advisory Group, as he provides an overview of the costs associated with enabling merchants to accept debit cards for payment. David will discuss his evaluation of EFT network pricing trends and provide an in-depth analysis on the implications these trends will have on acquirers. 
An overview will be provided of the U.S. market share for the top companies in payment acquiring, a discussion on ways in which share can be measured, and analysis of PIN debit's role in skewing market share depending on which metric is used.
Webinar topics include:
EFT network pricing and market impacts. -Signature debit pricing and market impacts.
Opportunities for acquirers created by the shifting consumer payments mix. -The shift toward more flexible acquirer pricing models and more holistic attitudes toward PIN debit.
The impact of PIN debit on acquirers' market share.