Quarterly Analyst Roundtable- Credit and Debit: A Dozen Indicators of Future Direction

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Economic activity has been on an upswing, and consumer spending on credit and debit cards has been healthy. Should issuers and their partners assume it is safe for full speed ahead?

This session, led by Ken Paterson, Brian Riley and Sarah Grotta, focuses on a dozen economic, social, and competitive themes that will drive credit and debit payments in the United States. The discussion will center on how a these will affect the card business through the rest of the decade.

  • Credit Card Applications, Age Demographics, and the Return of Young Borrowers 
  • Revolving Credit Card Debt Grows Once Again 
  • e-Commerce and Consumptive Spending 
  • Network Competition Ramps Up In Debit 
  • A Clear Regulatory Outlook (Almost) 
  • Macro Drivers: Gross Domestic Product and Unemployment 
  • Mobility and Card on File 
  • Inflation and Interest Rates 
  • Consumer Credit Delinquencies 
  • Real time Payments, Decoupled Debit, and P2P Cloud the Definition of Debit 
  • Household Debt, Student Loans and Automobile Financing 
  • 3DS/EMV/Fraud