New Wrinkles in Authentication: API’s, 3D Secure, Biometrics & Visa Are Changing Everything!

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 On October 19th, Visa launched its authentication marketplace. The Visa Developer Portal will integrate multiple authentication suppliers on the backend to support financial institutions and merchants via APIs. This enables Visa to create a marketplace, Visa can select and onboard 3rd party authentication products and make those products available to customers through a rationalized set of APIs and with Visa performing metering and billing. Mercator predicts that this solution will be integrated to 3D Secure V2. At the same time MasterCard and Visa are testing biometric cards but it is unclear how these can be sustainable for issuers if they don’t significantly reduce eCommerce fraud. 

Join Tim Sloane, VP, Payments Innovation, as he reviews all of these issues, reviews Mercator’s forecast for mobile biometric authentication adoption, and suggests how FIs can plan to deploy new authentication solutions today despite this upheaval in the authentication market from 3D Secure V2, API’s and Biometrics. Participants will learn: 

• The likely outcome of Visa’s entrance into the Authentication market. 

• How to deploy authentication solutions today, despite these complications. 

• The likely longer term impact of technology on deployment of authentication solutions going forward. 

• What behavioral biometrics are, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they should be deployed immediately to protect online assets. 

• What 3D Secure V2 is and how the branded networks might utilize it to participate in authentication solutions more broadly.