Lessons from the US Card Act and Future Implications of European Regulation

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In November, European authorities are expected to announce the final regulations around capping interchange rates for debit and credit card payments. While interchange regulation in the United States has focused solely on debit transactions, historically regulators have taken a broader approach to regulating the credit card payments space through legislation like the Card Act. Although regulators on both sides of the Atlantic have taken different approaches to regulation, the result is a confused market where innovation is stifled, the cost of compliance is high and consumers are disadvantaged.

The UK Cards Association and Mercator Advisory Group join together in this webinar to provide insight into the US Card Act and MIF regulation to assess the historical and future implications of regulation in these two key markets.

Join us in this insightful hour-long webinar where we evaluate recent developments and address:

• What are the key drivers of regulatory concern in different jurisdictions?

• What has been the regulatory response?

• What has been the initial impact of regulatory intervention on product design and the market?

• What is the long term prognosis?

• How will regulation next develop?