Alipay: The Chinese Dragon Beyond The Great Wall

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On Thursday, September 4 at 1 p.m. EST, Tristan Hugo-Webb, associate director of Mercator Advisory Group’s International Advisory Service, will host an informative hour-long webinar on the current electronic payments landscape in China with an emphasis on the wide-range of services that Alipay has employed to remain China’s preferred third-party payment provider. The webinar will also review how Alipay expanded beyond the e-commerce eco-system to offer increasingly popular payment type alternatives and its quest to be a global leader.

With over 850 million registered users, Alipay represents the world’s largest e-commerce third party payment provider and the operation is a major source of revenue. Alipay is a separate standalone entity and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Small and Micro Financial Services Company. Later this year, the Alibaba Group is expected to IPO and the offering is anticipated to become the largest technology IPO in history.

“Since its launch in 2004, Alipay has quickly become China’s most popular third-party online payment service. With a commanding market share in place, Alipay has looked to diversify beyond online transactions in China. Alipay recently revamped its mobile payment solution, and the company seeks to enter new foreign markets. There is little doubt that Alipay is positioning itself to be a global leader in online payment services.”

This webinar is aimed towards those seeking to learn more about the Chinese electronic payments market and international payment organizations that maintain the potential to become significant industry disrupters on a global scale.

Key Points of the Webinar:

• An examination of the Chinese electronic payments market.

• An overview of Alipay (the company’s value proposition and history)

• A look at Alipay’s historical growth and main competitors.

• A review of recent Alipay initiatives to strengthen the company’s position beyond e-commerce.

• A look at the future prospects of Alipay within and beyond China.