The Customer Merchant Experience Survey Series

    The Customer Merchant Experience Survey Insight Reports



    Participants in this project will receive the benefit of: 

    • Gaining deep insight into what affects the customer experience for consumers as they shop and pay
    • Participating in the survey design and final questionnaire
    • Expert data analysis and reporting
    • Access to final crosstabs for internal analysis

     Major Content Area Include:

    SHOPPING: What are the best in breed shopping experiences? What affects shopping behaviors and preferences? 

    SHOPPER INTERFACES USED AND PREFERRED: What methods do consumers prefer for shopping? What affects the participation in loyalty programs? Which apps and websites are most engaging, and why?

    PAYMENT EXPERIENCES AND PREFERENCES: What preferences do consumers have when it comes to POS, online, or in-app purchases? What effects are there at the POS or with the EMV user experience?

    2018 Customer Merchant Experience Survey Report