Customer Merchant Experience Survey Series

    Customer Merchant Experience Survey Insight Reports



    The Customer Merchant Experience Survey Series explores the experiences of U.S. adult consumers as they shop in-store, online, and via mixed channels. The series is designed to define and highlight consumer expectations for experiences with leading merchants.

    The catalog of primary survey results is offered an exceptional value due to Mercator’s business model that permits access to the full catalog of previous years’ surveys for all users throughout the year of service. Mercator has designed this program to be a continuous series of surveys that are fielded to monitor the shifts in behavior.

    Participants in this project will receive the benefit of: 

    • Gaining deep insight into what affects the customer experience for consumers as they shop and pay
    • Participating in the survey design and final questionnaire
    • Expert data analysis and reporting
    • Access to final crosstabs for internal analysis

     Major Content Area Include:

    SHOPPING: What are the best in breed shopping experiences? What affects shopping behaviors and preferences? 

    SHOPPER INTERFACES USED AND PREFERRED: What methods do consumers prefer for shopping? What affects the participation in loyalty programs? Which apps and websites are most engaging, and why?

    PAYMENT EXPERIENCES AND PREFERENCES: What preferences do consumers have when it comes to POS, online, or in-app purchases? What effects are there at the POS or with the EMV user experience?