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Welcome to Mercator Advisory Group Website 2.0 and Prepaid Advisory Service
Date: November 1, 2013
Tim Sloane
Vice President, Payments Innovation

Welcome to the newly redesigned Mercator Advisory Group website and the Prepaid Advisory Service page. The site has been designed to provide our members with a higher level of communication and information and enhanced functionality. The Prepaid Advisory Service page will host research available to members of the service, analyst blogs, and a stream of the latest social media postings from the Prepaid research team as well as content from Mercator Advisory Group's free online news and information resource, Director Tim Sloane and Senior Analyst Ben Jackson will update this page frequently with the latest happenings in prepaid, sharing insights derived from our consumer research, reports, and when approved by their sponsors, from projects.

The Tenth Annual Open Loop Prepaid and Closed Loop Prepaid benchmark report are available and the 2013-2016 Forecast will be released soon.  Looking ahead to 2014, we believe that addressing some of the following questions will deliver high value to you and your team: 

  • What are the top five most pressing issues confronting private-label gift card issuers, and which processors are best meeting those needs today?
  • How can mobile applications be used to deepen the relationship with prepaid cardholders, generate revenue, and reduce cardholder servicing costs?
  • How can firms prepare for changes that may occur if the Federal Reserve is forced to modify its implementation of the Durbin Amendment?
  • Will consumer preferences like those that shifted gift card sales to prepaid malls also shift where consumers acquire GPR products?
  • What fees, presented in what fashion, will most satisfy cardholders, consumer groups, and regulators?
  • How to integrate prepaid programs to a website to easily support different landing pages and services for multiple programs operating under a single BIN?
  • How to keep a private-label program simple to operate, settle, and manage despite multiple B2B and B2C sales channels, channel technologies (such as mobile), and partners?
  • How to control the increasing complexities of multiple card technologies, card design, card production, secure paks, multi paks, security at the POS, and card inventory management?
  • Where are the largest new opportunities in prepaid in the U.S.?
  • Which U.S. prepaid suppliers are moving most aggressively overseas, and what products are they launching in which countries? 

As plan our 2014 research, please let us know your key areas of interest so we can align our research with your needs.  We look forward to working with each of you in the coming year for both your market research needs and as an extension to staff through our inquiry service.

You can reach Tim Sloane at or by phone at 781-419-1712781-419-1712 and reach Ben Jackson at or by phone at 781-419-1706781-419-1706.