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    Small Business Mindsets and Banking Habits: Attitudes Matter

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    Small Business Payments Acceptance: More Payment Options Creeping In

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    Payment Cards and B2B Payments: Riding a Wave of Positivity

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    Small Business Banking: A Captive Audience

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    Business Credit Cards and B2B Payments: Opportunity to Improve Market Penetration

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Small Business PaymentsInsights


U.S. small businesses are often heralded as the engines of job creation and entrepreneurial activity. Yet small businesses are frequently the orphan business line in many financial institutions and payment providers, underappreciated and poorly served. Mercator Advisory Group’s Small Business Payments and Banking Survey provides data and expert analysis on the small business payments and banking market in the United States through a series of three annual Insight Summary Reports based on a national survey conducted annually among business owners, leaders, and decision makers at U.S. small businesses whose revenues are between $500,000 and $10 million per year. 

Full year subscription to Small Business PaymentsInsights :

  • Provides critical industry insight into the payment acceptance practices, business credit and payments used for business-to-business (B2B) payments, business banking, loans, and other small business services
  • Identifies key shifts and year-over-year trends in small business payment, outlook, and banking channels

 Major Content Area Include:

PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE:What services do U.S. small businesses use today? Where do they obtain these services? How many accept payment cards, ACH, or other payment types? How do they choose payment processors? How do they achieve omnicommerce capabilities?

B2B PAYMENTS AND BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS: What are small businesses’ preferred payment types? Why do they use personal cards and funds for business payments? Which business credit card features do they value most highly? Which brands? To what extent do they borrow on business credit cards? 

DEPOSITORY AND LOAN SERVICES: What types of business banking accounts and services do they have and with what types of providers? What types of loans do they need? How important is online and mobile banking to small businesses? To what extent are they visiting the branch and why? Are they going to alternative providers?


 Deliverables Include:

  • 3 small business payments and banking insight reports.
  • Cross-tabulation reports to provide segment differentiation on each survey question.
  • PowerPoint slides to facilitate copyrighted use in client presentations or white papers.
  • Support of ad hoc data queries.

Based on:

  • An national online panel of 2,000 small businesses targeting business leaders and decision makers surveyed in March using a national online research panel 
  • Provides a projectable U.S. national sample

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